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Traveling in the USA can be very exciting. There are many things to see. There are many things to do. This is your one life, so enjoy it. Let’s have a tremendous journey with Discovered Dream.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

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Sea Beach

Vast shores, from the rugged cliffs of the Pacific to the sandy stretches of the Atlantic, embodying beauty, diversity, and adventure.



The USA mountains span diverse ranges like the Rockies, Appalachians, and Sierra Nevadas, offering breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures.

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Experience diverse landscapes, from towering peaks to vast canyons, while hiking in the USA, offering adventures for all skill levels.

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I am Ibu, like to travel and explore the world.

Welcome to your ultimate guide for exploring the United States! Our travel blog explores America’s hidden treasures, famous places, and diverse cultures. Our travel blog is all about Finding hidden treasures, Visiting famous places, and Experiencing different cultures We want to help you have a great trip. Our tips come from experts who know the best places to go. You can find ideas for adventure, rest, and food.


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Exploring different places, cultures, and experiences can be exciting and fulfilling. It can broaden your horizons and make you feel enriched. The exciting journey includes: Exploring / Discovering / Having adventures

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Travel is the only way to give you more confidence and a relaxed life. Life is short; its your time to see the world.